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Vass ([personal profile] vass) wrote2014-08-12 05:51 pm

Dropping this here

Excerpt from a comment I made to one of [personal profile] brownbetty's posts:

"As things are, I'm requesting Ancillary Justice for Yuletide, and am slightly ashamed of how much I want awkward clientage-of-convenience romantic comedy where Breq becomes Seivarden's patron. Possibly with dance numbers. Because this book is so much more than that, and there's so much other interesting and important stuff to explore, and all of it would be good too... but the (possibly entirely nonsexual) union of Agender Failboat Draco Malfoy and the LITERAL SPACETOASTER that is Breq would be loldorable, and how much agender romance fiction even is there?"

[For reference, TFV's definition of a spacetoaster.]
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[personal profile] kaberett 2014-08-12 12:21 pm (UTC)(link)
YES YES YES THIS IS A THING I WANT RIDICULOUS FLUFF PLEASE (that, because it is AJ, manages to not be fluff at all)
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That would work. That would actually really, really work.

(And may I say how wonderful it is to know that someone else wants AJ fic for Yuletide!)
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Yes, good.


Breq's laisez faire patronage of Seivarden which seems to consist mainly of:

- Not allowing her to overdose or otherwise die of negligence
- ????

So, Breq figuring out wtf she is supposed to do with this new, rogue ancillary she seems to have acquired would be amazing.