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Perfume review: Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune

First whiff: sharp citrusy grapefruit, with an unfortunate side of dishwashing liquid and an undertone of urine. The wrong sort of urine, alas. (Yes, there is a right way for a perfume to smell like urine, and that is not this smell.) Also just a tiny bit of honey.

Alas, as the drydown commences, the dishwashing liquid becomes stronger and more floral. There's also a faint plastic note, which normally I'd like, but not in something supposed to be fresh and fruity and sharp.

As it goes on, the plastic and dishwashing notes become stronger, and it's less "grapefruit" and more "grapefruit scented pens for children". Also my brain feels a little foggy. I think there's something I'm sensitive to in this.

It dries down further and I get this sweet middle note. Still fruity, even still grapefruit (although maybe also some other fruit?) but much sweeter. More like the grapefruit lollies my French teacher used to give us. I loved those lollies. The ones with the hard outside that cut the roof of your mouth while you sucked on them, and the soft, chewy centre. And the dishwashing scent and urine have gone right away and left this clean, sweet smell.

The 'aqua' note... I can sort of smell. Not very strong at all, but something like the product my hairdresser used last time I went (which was strong, but mainly because he'd rubbed it all through my hair.) Sort of salty sea, sort of coconut, in a chemical and artificial way.

My skin seems to amp the grapefruit a bit. That or it just has good throw. It's not horrendously strong, but it could have been overwhelming if I hadn't used such a small dab, I think.

I read this as feminine, not masculine or neutral. But it's not a person, it's a place. A sunny place with sweet, fruity drinks, very clean and sanitary and unreal. Maybe a cruise ship. Or maybe the place Alys and Simon went for their holiday.

As it dries further, it gets more 'perfumey' and ladylike. Still in a light, summery way. I'm getting Myer's summer regatta range, all horizontal stripes and $200 price tags. I'm getting 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside' stuck in my head. "Where the brass band plays, tiddly-om-pom-pom." I'm feeling this faint urge to shout "fuck off, perfume, it's winter." Which maybe means I'm not in the right mood for perfume tonight and should try again another time. But even allowing for that, this is a perfectly good perfume, but Not Me.
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[personal profile] lunabee34 2014-08-07 03:34 pm (UTC)(link)
I wish this was a shower gel; it just doesn't have a lot of lasting power on me.

I love your description of the evolution of the scent on you.