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Culture Consumed Wednesday


Read some of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot (which is a great Jack Dann title+author combo, btw.)

Read a few grudging pages of Les Mis.

New book acquisitions this week: Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov and Michel de Montaigne's complete essays. Which latter is as thick as Les Mis. I'm not going to start it yet - it's part of the autobiography and memoir category in my List of D00m, and it comes after The Book of Margery Kempe (I'm skipping Augustine's Confessions because I've read it before.)

Some other recent book acquisitions I forgot to mention until now: a pile of big old folio-size art books from my parents, who are downsizing. I got one general art history, one on Asian art, one Renaissance, one pre-historic, and one on Impressionism... oh, and some comics collections. Amphigory, Amphigory Too, and Colonel Pewter In Ironicus. My father also insisted on giving two huge lever arch files of Colonel Pewter newspaper cuttings, but he did say I could get rid of them when I was done with them. I do not have room in my home for two huge lever arch files of anything. I also got to plunder their fiction and nonfiction, but there was surprisingly little there that I wanted but didn't have already.


I love how sometimes you think "wouldn't that make a great Yuletide fandom?" and you search for it in AO3 and discover that someone else was way ahead of you and requested it already in a previous year, and got the story you would have most liked to read, and it's right there waiting for you to read it. It's so convenient, so helpful of them.

Three years ago, [personal profile] st_aurafina requested the music video of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart', and [ profile] Ankaret wrote The Doves And The Ravens, which is as weird and spooky and haunting and tragic and weird as the music video, with beautiful language and deeply strange worldbuilding.

And now I don't have to request 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' for Yuletide this year. (So far on my list of things to request, I have A Stranger in Olondria, A Suitable Boy, and Ancillary Justice.)

Read The Other Miss Bennett, by [ profile] halotolerant, adorable Pride and Prejudice Kitty/Georgiana.

Watched Integral, a POI vid by [ profile] soupdragon. Their first vid, and it showed in that I found harder to follow than most vids, and I'm already pretty bad at following vids. But the song choice was absolutely perfect.

Best fanart I saw this week: [personal profile] sqbr's Our Lady of the Machine. Root from POI in the style of a religious icon. (The moment I realised that wasn't an earring, it was a reference to canon, OMG.)

TV and Movies

POI. 'Risk': I am trying to figure out what Jim Caviezel's acting choices in the tailoring scene were meant to signify, if not that John's turned on. Also, in the scene with Finch and Carter in the cab, I decided that the world needs more Finch/Reese/Carter. So far I've only been able to find one story with that combo.

'Baby Blue': LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Oh poor Carter. That double-take. And "She was in imminent danger of kidnapping." And then her second, even more horrified double-take at "Leila's safe. She's with John."

'One Percent': this show. It keeps teetering on the edge of being serious and moving, and then expresses Nathan and Harold's horror at 9/11 with an EXTREME DRAMATIC NOSTRIL CAM. To be fair, Harold's nostrils were very shocked and distressed.

BTW, Logan Pierce, you are a billionaire. I think you can afford to keep an epipen handy in case you're inadvertently exposed to something you know you're allergic to. (We are leaving alone the fact that ANAPHYLAXIS TREATMENT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT.)

'Identity Crisis': Finch on E was not as horrible as I feared. They left him more of his dignity than I expected. More than Fusco has unmedicated. Poor Fusco. I was starting to feel sorry for him, and then he handed a computer to Harold Finch right after he set the sirens off. I particularly liked the scene where suddenly everyone onscreen was occluded by a large, loud tortoiseshell cat. She does that so much she should have her own IMDB page.

For convoluted reasons, this is [ profile] leupagus's fault, because of the Violent Amoral Unicorn of Justice thing. It got me thinking about Nethack unicorns and POI characters (from a paragraph of sleep deprived babble I've deleted from this post before posting: "do not sacrifice Root or Shaw or Reese on a cross-aligned altar.") And then:


Finch the Evoker          St:10 Dx:14 Co:15 In:18 Wi:9 Ch:9  Neutral
Dlvl:1  $:0  HP:11(12) Pw:6(6) AC:9  Xp:1/0 T:6

As you can see, his Int is as high as it can be at the start of a game, but his Con, Str, and Dex are only so-so, and his Wis and Cha are really poor. The f is called Reese, because of Reesons.

Finch the Evoker was killed on level 1 by a sewer rat shortly following a magical explosion... or did he fake his death? I hate playing wizards. I think I might play Shaw the Barbarian next.


Papa Wemba, Molokai. I felt like some Congolese rhumba music. Because I've never listened to Congolese rhumba music, and it sounded cheerful. It was cheerful. Would listen again.

Galactic Suburbia in the car. Finished listening to the 9th July episode. Still to listen to: 29th May, 11th June, 26th July. A lot of podcasts I'm subscribed to, I just delete episodes I don't get around to. This one I keep for later because of the recommendations.




Made beef stew again, this time with tomatoes and carrots, less pepper, more garlic. It was heavenly. Made it twice.


Tarot reading. The question I focused on was "what should I do right now?" The cards said I'm feeling uncreative and lack confidence, shouldn't take on too much, am in danger of overload, and (depending on how I interpret the Seven of Cups in this context) either should go ahead and numb out with fanfic so long as I don't overdo it, or should cultivate the art of daydreaming about the future to bolster up my creativity and belief in my own capability and insight into what I want to do next.

Tarot is weird. It can't give you any information or insight that wasn't already in your mind to begin with, but it sure can pull things out of the back of the sock drawer that were there but weren't what you were concentrating on right now. I was not expecting creativity and the power of daydreaming to be a Thing, even though hello, horribly stalled on novel in progress because afraid, and also stalled on job search because no fucking idea what sort of work I want to do or am capable of. I'd actually been expecting the answer to "what should I do right now?" to be whatever card translates to "you should clean the dishes and vacuum the carpet."

Bonus Beatrice picture

tortoiseshell cat worrying blue cat toy

Fierce predator in action.
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What a fine picture of a fierce living room predator! Without them, the indoor ecosystem would rapidly collapse under the mass of woolly things and jingly things and dangly things that propagate rapidly in most temperate conditions.