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Perfume review: Guerlain, Jicky

Not scandalously filthy on me.

Fresh lavender and dried lavender and a bit of talcum powder and a bit of not totally clean butt, not in a suggestive or shocking way, just someone you're close enough to that you'd help them wipe their butt if that was what they needed. Or it's your own butt. Matter of fact, not ooh la la or ha ha bottoms. Mainly just lavender, though. Smells like your grandma, but not if your grandma is Madame Armfeldt.

Also, my skin eats this. Very little throw, and it wears off very quickly, leaving just a faint hint of lavender and powder, like where your grandma kissed your cheek. On your face.
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I blame you for me following all those links and then sending them to N all "you have got to read this thing about CLEAN ANUS" and now he's gone all dreamy-faced and desperately wants me to get a sample of Jicky.

OK, it's not fair to blame you for ALL of that, but see if I let things like "facts" and "logic" stop me.
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will do.

we used to wear a fair amount of scent (not a lot at any one time -- we didn't drown in it!), carefully chosen to avoid his scent-based allergies. but the last time I was pregnant every smell under the sun made me nauseated and dizzy, so we got out of the habit, and are trying to get back in. so this particular review was timely.
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Vintage or modern?
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With the caveat that my skin swallows filth (more so in the winter than the summer, apparently, so I'm enjoying the warm weather!) leaving even the most legendary of raunchy scents fairly tame (I have demonstrated this with friends, who are both baffled and appalled, so it's not that I'm not smelling the filth--it just sort of tamps down on me), there's a lot more animal in the vintage. There's also just a lot more everything--I find that it stays fairly close to the skin, but lasts really well. It's a clean kind of dirty for me. For a scent that's famous for its blending of synthetics and naturals, by comparison to modern "clean" scents, it's the naturals that stand out in it. So under the citrus and lavender, it smells to me like a languid makeout session with a woman who washes with unscented, homemade soap, and eschews anti-antiperspirant in favor of a natural deodorant.

This is probably why I hunted down a half-full vintage bottle of the stuff, honestly.
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interesting. I picked up a sample of the Jicky (modern) to try, and my skin pretty much swallows the filthy bits, too -- I can smell them in the sample, but on my skin it quickly goes to "clean skin, hint of animal, hint of just-been-fucked" -- but really, barely hinting. I wonder if the vintage would kick that up a notch.