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Vass ([personal profile] vass) wrote2014-02-27 12:29 pm
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Culture Consumed Thursday

Continuing Les Mis. I have a higher tolerance for Monseigneur Bienvenu than some, but even I think that 'Monsieur Madeleine in Mourning' (from The Descent, in Fantine) is the purest ipecac in literary form.

Read Fullmetal Alchemist vol 4. I feel like I'm missing a lot because I don't get visual information as easily as written, and the dialogue's pretty sparse. The fight scenes in particular, I have very little clue what's happening. There is all this worldbuilding and plot stuff that I'm going on faith will be explained later, while wondering all the while if I was supposed to have picked it up already from context and/or visual cues. The side story about the dog was surprise nightmare fuel. All the more so because it was meant to be cute and sweet.

Finished disc 4 of the audiobook of The Mauritius Command. Stephen Maturin's take on the psychological effects of colonialism on Lord Clonfert is interesting, in a sort of "you're mostly right about colonialism except for your COMPLETE FAILURE to extend your insight to the Black people in the country where you are RIGHT NOW" way. Period-accurate.

Some Sleater Kinney albums I'm less familiar with (One Beat and The Woods.) The Pixies (Death to the Pixies), whom I've never really listened to before. On shuffle in a playlist with some Mountain Goats albums, REM's Automatic for the People, a small handful of My Chem, and Pink's Greatest Hits So Far compilation, so there's lots of music I'm familiar with in the mix with the less familiar.

More ATLA. Last watched episode 34 (City of Walls and Secrets). Ba Sing Se = not a place I would like to visit any time soon.