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Culture Consumed... Sunday

Still listening to The Mauritius Command in my car's CD player: currently early on in the 4th CD, out of 10. It'd be great if they didn't pop out with something really racist right when I'm stopped at the lights with my windows down and feel like I should be apologising to the driver of the car next to mine. D:

Read A Stranger in Olondria. One of the most moving books about books I've ever read. It took a long time to get REALLY GOOD, but once it was on, it was on. In some ways it reminds me of Borges.

Read the first chapter of Bill Bryson's A Short History of Everything right before bed one night. Mistake. Avoid reading it right before sleeping if you don't like existential angst keeping you up. Really wish he would stick to one notation system, preferably scientific notation, and NOT write down all the zeroes. I know he's non-mathematical (hell, so am I) and thinks it's unlikely a lay person will visualise 106 as a million, or finds it has less visual impact than writing out 1,000,000. But when he's writing REALLY large numbers, while I can almost not really cope with "a million million million million," I cannot cope with when he is comparing 10,000,000,000,000 and 10,000,000,000,000,000. Especially without the commas (such as if they're after a decimal point.)

My working memory is not good, and neither is my visual/spatial memory. With a long series of digits, especially when they're all zeroes or there are no commas, I can't tell at a glance, without physically putting my thumb over each digit in turn, whether there are 10 or 11 or 12 of them. And when the point he is making (as I understand it) is just how large these numbers are (and that is why he's alternating between million million million and writing out all the zeroes) I think it would be useful to be able to tell orders of magnitude at a glance. Especially since he did in fact explain in a footnote how scientific notation works. And also it is taught in schools.

But yeah, that was still less of a problem than contemplating the birth and eventual end of the universe right before trying to sleep. I've since read the second chapter, not before bed.

Reread the first two novellas in Chris Crutcher's Angry Management, but remembered just in time what happens in the third novella, and decided that under no circumstances would I be reading that again. Montana West and Sarah Byrnes remain totally awesome.

Also got back to reading Les Mis. It's beautiful, it's absorbing, it's an historical education, but damn, it's going to take a long time to finish.

Tomatoes consumed
My third Russian Black fell off the vine on Thursday, I suspect assisted by some extremely loud carpenters or electricians or other tradies who were doing something horrific involving drills to the upstairs flat that afternoon. I found it on the ground, unharmed. It was ripe anyway, I just thought it could ripen more. 43g. Fantastically delicious. The plant is still alive, but not showing any signs of producing more.

dark red tomato, a few basil leaves

I think I need to repot my mint again: it's looking ambitious. The basil's doing okay, and the chili plant still has a few tiny green leaves, although I have no hope at all that it will fruit.
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If you like books about books you might really like City of Dreaming Books! :)
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Ambitious mint is the best mint.

I 10^2% support your "exponential notation is best" rant. I do the same thing with my thumb.
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Mmm tomatoes! Ours are finally giving us more than one at a time - this weekend we had some in a toasted sandwich AND on pizza!

Mint is an ambitious plant! We have some in a patch by the front door and it constantly tries to sneak across to the rest of the garden via a small crack in the concrete.
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Yay, that is one awesome-looking tomat! :D

Re: writing out alll the zeroes: D: That also requires me to put my finger underneath and count them up, even if it's only five or six. /o\
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I also just finished A Stranger in Olondria! It didn't hit me at all the same way, but I think this is an instance of an author's aesthetics running along a parallel track to mine -- like, I can see quite clearly where they are and how it's good, but always from a distance.
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Ugh, I have to do the same thing with large numbers of zeroes. Or any repeated number. Bah on that.

Yay for a nice tomato!