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Vass ([personal profile] vass) wrote2014-02-19 02:36 am
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Tonight in vids I'm not making

Multifandom, various beloved male characters doing really dickish cool things, plus reaction shots, set to 'I Threw It On The Ground' (but skipping the taser rape part, because nope, and going straight to "The moral of this story is, you can't trust the system.")

- Spock takes a bowl of plomeek soup and THROWS IT ON THE GROOOOOOUND
- and smashes his computer
- actually, this whole vid could probably be Spock's totally rational Vulcan behaviour
- You can't buy Tony Stark, Director Fury Hot Dog Man.
- Thor throws a cup of coffee on the grooooound
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[personal profile] shehasathree 2014-02-19 03:20 am (UTC)(link)
Awesome, would totally watch.