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Rec, with caveat

HD 181068, by [ profile] saathi1013, (Avengers, Darcy/Jane/Thor), with the caveat that you should probably not read it with a mouthful of anything you don't want to spray across the room.

"Darcy, Jane has told me of the great care you took of her while I was away. And that you share a deep bond that I was unaware of when I claimed her affections for my own. I do most deeply apologize. I understand now why you were so fierce in protecting her when we first met. If you are amenable, I would have us share a triumvirate union, that there be no cause for challenging each other for her hand. Of course, if you prefer, I would agree to any field of battle you choose."
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You left off the best part! Where Darcy contemplates challenging him for Jane's hand on the field of Dance Dance Revolution!
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Also is this the one where Darcy threatens to train a kitten to pee on everything Coulson has ever loved?

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Well, SHIELD. I buy them being assholes.