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Picked up a copy of the Star Observer today for the first time in years. Remembered exactly why I don't read it regularly: because they call it an LGBTI paper, but 9 times out of ten it's about cis male white clubgoers, and Sydney is the centre of the known universe.

I was hoping for some good ideas on where to go for an Alternative Lifestyle Haircut (tm), but all their classifieds were for NSW. (Any of my queer Melbourne folks want to recommend a hairdresser?)

One of the articles not about a man was here: Trans speechwriter to speak at Women Say Something. Lt Col Cate McGregor. Whom I respect a lot, because she wrote that speech for the chief of the Australian army ("the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.") But the article refers to her as "a trans*" like it's a noun (would this same paper call someone "a gay"? I think not) and says she's a personal friend of Tony Abbott, and oh hell. You might be his friend, Lieutenant Colonel, but is he yours? Speaking of standards.
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Sorry about the haircut sitch. My response was to grab the clipper and take it all off.
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Actually, I recall an interview with McGregor where she said that, on transitioning, Abbott was one of the few friends who stuck by her and didn't misgender her or "forget" her new name.

But whether that would translate into policies to make life better for trans people, I doubt very much.
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Yeah I remember that too. Which means that I can say to Tony Abbott is less of a bigot than radfems.