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Perfume review: Caron Pour un Homme

This is the sort of musk I like and the sort of lavender I like, and the sort of vanilla I like, in a subtle, subfusc, dignified combination.

Weirdly, given that, it is the perfume of my adolescence. When I was in my teens, my favourite two scents were lavender and musk, and I put musk fragrance oil and lavender essential oil (too much of both) on my hairbrush before brushing my hair. My waist-length, straggly, always-wet, ladynerd hair.

It's weirdly comforting to smell this perfume: it's an adult, dignified, kind formulation of those smells. Like, just because I loved those things when I was 17 doesn't mean they were bad things to like, but there are still standards to live up to.

Tactful is the word I would use for this perfume.

If it could talk, it might say: "It's okay to love the things you love. It's okay to feel pain for the things that hurt you. You are not defective for who you are. You will find other people who like those things, and like you. But for God's sake get a trim, wear deodorant, and have more than two pairs of jeans in rotation when you're wearing them every day for the entire year."

It doesn't register as masculine to me at all. Feminine all the way, but not a sexual feminine. Your 70-year-old great aunt who lives alone with her books and her garden and doesn't talk with the rest of the family a lot, and you're beginning to figure out that this is one of the things you admire about her.
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This review is actually making me slightly verklempt. *g*