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Five Christmassy, five not.

West Wing OT3-Compliant Carolling
Martin Sheen, John Spencer & Stockard Channing sing Wonderful Christmastime

Christmas Fanfic
Late Delivery, by [ profile] tsukinofaerii. Marvel Cinematic Universe.

More Christmas Fanfic
Let's See If You Still Believe In Me, by [ profile] leupagus. Sleepy Hollow.

Yet More Christmas Fanfic
You Can't Spell Christmas Without AI, by [ profile] andymcnope. Person of Interest.

Elditch Festivities
Cthulhumass Wreath: a gallery showing its contruction from start to finish (hattip: [ profile] browngirl)

How a $47 Shrimp Treadmill Became a $3-Million Political Plaything.

5 Ways You Can Help Ferguson, for anyone else who was flailing around trying to figure out what to do.

Strength And Gentleness
Some Things Are Impossible: How a Rural Queer Lives With Depression, resonated a lot with me even though I'm not rural, and made me think of my friends who are rural and queer and depressed.

What's wrong with Gawker's 'America's Ugliest Accent' tournament

Stylists pioneer dyed armpit hair. Results are amazing.


Dec. 14th, 2014 06:35 am
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Is a lot more horrifying when I mishear it.

It said: "Er ist das Kind, sie die Erwachsener."

I heard: "Er isst das Kind, sieht die Erwachsener."
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Children’s Stories Made Horrific: Love You Forever (tw: dysfunctional parenting)

More Screaming
Some highlights from Kim Beom's 2012 installation piece, Yellow Scream. Startle warning: sudden very loud noises.

Myth and Legend
Ursula Vernon's 'The Sea Witch Sets The Record Straight'

Pleasant Ideas
In Which I... Plan a Walking Holiday. Jonathan describes how he and his partner plan theirs.

Stephanie Giese compares boys' and girls' clothing. No, not just the slogans and colours, the fucking sizes and cuts.

How Dave Ramsey manages his company

In Our Care: Four Corners' report on rapes and sexual assaults and other abuses by Yooralla employees on people with disabilities in their care. (Video with CC, no transcript, trigger warning for everything you would expect from that summary.)

Bears Repeating
Book of Jubilation's 'A note on “normal” for depressed folks'

I Don't Know What He's Talking About
Shark Cats are NOT horrible. They're adorable.
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It's been a while a while since I got a song stuck in my head without first knowing the tune. I used to have that happen a lot, particularly with John M. Ford's books, and also the Fifth Millennium series.

On the one hand, that used to be awesome, composing melodies all through my teens even if I never managed a proper accompaniment or even chords mostly. And I missed it when it stopped happening. I'm glad it's happening again.

On the other hand, did I need an tune for the annoying children's song in Ancillary Sword? NO, I DID NOT. Thank you so much, Ann Leckie, for being such an inspirational novelist. ARGH.
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Posted as a second chapter to the first drabble post.


Ship and Kalr Twelve discuss ratpiles. Except with humans. Sometimes I miss having pet rats. But then Beatrice jumps up and sleeps on me, and my rats never did that, and I wasn't small enough to crawl into their hammock with them.
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Unsteady. Imperial Radch, gen, no archive warnings apply, Seivarden, set pre-Ancillary Justice. Won't make any sense at all if you haven't read Ancillary Justice, but contains no spoilers for Ancillary Sword.

I have more Imperial Radch drabbles and double-drabbles that I'm ready to post, and some only slightly longer stuff that I'm less sure about. But I can't decide what to do with the drabbles - post them individually or in separate chapters of the same fic, tagged as a drabble collection. Thoughts?


Nov. 16th, 2014 04:55 pm
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I am so fucking excited about my assignment, and I can't talk about why I'm excited or the cool things I'm learning while writing it.
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Reading Daniel Jose Older and Rose Fox's Long Hidden. So far good stories but the layout is bugging me.


softly enclosed, by [ profile] renquise. Imperial Radch, Awn/Skaaiat. Tagged "really scandalous hand kisses", which about sums it up.

TV and Movies

Watched 'Spock's Brain' for the first time in maybe fifteen years. So, Dr McCoy, what do you think of the quality of this Star Trek episode?

Dr McCoy: I wouldn't have believed the human organism could take such pain.

In this episode, Kirk wants Spock to take off Kirk's belt before Spock can get his brain back.

Watched POI 4.06, 'Pretenders'. OMG that episode was BORING. Needs less John and more Root. Haven't seen the next episode yet, but I hear it delivers.


Finished my second replay of Secret of Mana for the year. The endgame's a lot easier if you take the time to keep bashing away at certain monsters until they cough up the really good armour.


Listened to Dufay's Missa L'Homme Armée while curled up on the couch with my eyes covered and a weighted shawl on my shoulders and a cat on my legs. Early music: reliably comforting.

Got out my descant recorder and have been playing it a fair bit. Nothing in particular, just whatever tune comes to my mind or my fingers. It's amazing the way certain pieces stick in your fingers - that Anna Magdalena Bach Minuet in G, all those Renaissance dances, music theatre standards, folk songs.

Beatrice was startled but not frightened, and ended up sitting on my lap for certain pieces.


I keep falling asleep while listening to Sawbones. This is good, in that I started listening to podcasts specifically to have words to occupy my mind while I'm trying to sleep. And it's good that so far I haven't had any nightmares I can attribute directly to listening to a podcast about ebola or cholera or whatever. But bad in that I keep missing the episodes and having to go back and listen again because I fell asleep.

Ditto Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men. Which, btw, is the only English-language podcast I listen to at 1.25x, not 1.5x. Rachel Edidin: talks fast enough for me to follow! (No, this is a thing. My auditory processing problems have to do with working memory. I'm going to drop words anyway, but the slower the words come, the more I'll lose.)


Dabbed BPAL's 'Snake Oil' on a tissue and carried it in my pocket to a few difficult places so I could sniff it when I wanted to.


Another square of knitting.
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So, this is more than a fortnight since last time. Stuff got in the way. But I need to post this now before I get further behind.


Finished Ancillary Sword. You may have noticed from the constant squeeing around here. Reread Ancillary Justice.

Have been reading and rereading poetry. In particular:
C.P. Cavafy, 'Che Fece ... Il Gran Refiuto'
M Sereno, 'The Exile, i'
[personal profile] kaberett, 'All Souls' Day'
Delmore Schwartz, 'The Heavy Bear Who Goes With Me'

Comics and Manga

Read some of FMA vol 8. Am kind of losing focus. And it's very overdue at the library and I think I need to bite the bullet and just return it and pick it up again another time.


Read Satellite by [ profile] petrichoral. Gen, set during Ancillary Justice, Seivarden's point of view. Very good.

There are now seven Imperial Radch stories on AO3, and I've read and liked them all (with the reservation that I had difficulty with 'Bright Lights Over Piraeth' because the idea of someone deliberately triggering a migraine bothers me too much even if Anaander Mianaai is the victim.)

I would advise not reading the list of what you've learned to do without or Three, Four, The Corpse Soldier (both Trick or Treat, written for the same prompt) any time near bedtime, or without a light on. They're both very good, and I highly recommend them, just... upsetting. Extremely upsetting.

TV and Movies

Person of Interest 4x03 'Wingman' and 4x04 'Brotherhood'. 'Wingman' I liked okay, 'Brotherhood' bored me silly. They really are underusing and badly using John. They're doing great with the other characters, though.

Person of Interest 4x05, 'Prophets'. "The world must seem so dark to you right now." "The world is dark for everyone. But Harold, it's going to get a lot darker." Oh Root. I don't know why, but I find it comforting, validating, something, hearing a fictional character I like a lot say that. I went to the #StandUpToProtect event for refugees, and heard all these inspiring speeches about how things can be better, how they have been better in the past, about possibility. Then the same day I watched this, I checked Facebook and read all the latest horrors in the name of security and border protection. It... helps, hearing Root say the same thing in her science fiction context.

Quite apart from all that, it was an amazing episode.


Played Tampon Run. Loldorable, and surprisingly free of bodily fluids. I liked the 8-bit graphics and soundtrack. (The makers are two teenagers who met at Girls Who Code and have some good points about how guns are considered more acceptable in games and TV than tampons, even though menstruation is a lot more natural and necessary than killing people.)

Played A Game About Squares for just long enough to decide that I'd better stop that shit right now before it eats my life and my sanity. AAAAAAARGH.


Listened to the Indigo Girls' album Indigo Girls. Am I the only person who likes the Indigo Girls who does not particularly love 'Closer To Fine'? It's okay, just not one of the ones that really speaks to me. Songs in this album I liked a lot on my first listen: 'Kid Fears', 'Prince of Darkness', 'Love's Recovery', 'Land of Canaan'.

Apart from that, burrowed down in my sleeping bag and listened to Byrd's Mass For Four Voices right through. I still like the Mass For Five Voices better, but that still leaves a lot of scope for liking.

I've been playing the Brandenburgs in the car on and off.


Knitted. Bought fabric to make cushion covers for my couch and a doona cover for my weighted blanket.

Did some marbling using shaving cream (a technique I saw on a webpage.) I'm not sure if water and oil would have been that much harder to get right, but shaving cream worked very easily although unfortunately led to everything smelling of shaving cream.

Tried to etch a stencil onto a stainless steel water bottle, using a solution of white vinegar and salt and a 9V battery. So far no success. I think the wire I used for my cables wasn't conductive enough - I cut up a pair of broken earphones. I'll try again.

STEM swears

Nov. 5th, 2014 12:45 pm
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For when "Jesus H Christ" doesn't have the right specifically technical or scientific ring to it.

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I haven't posted one of these in a while.

(TTTO The Beatles' 'Girl')

"Is there anybody here who'll listen to my meowing
All about the cat who came to stay
I'm the kind of cat who meows because she want a feeding
Or who meows because she wants to play
Oh, meooooooow."

Beatrice remains one of the top two smartest cats I've ever known. It's a little unfortunate, from my perspective, that the new tricks she learns are things like "how to wake up human fifteen minutes before the alarm clock," or "human will definitely wake up if I stand on their face and neck."

I think the steroids are making her hungry more often. Or else my disordered sleep is making me easier to con into feeding her more often because I lose track of time and routine.

On the plus side, I've finally found a use I don't hate for the adjective 'impactful'.

Beatrice jumped heavily onto my chest when I was trying to sleep. It was impactful.
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Yeah, this is gonna be fun.


Oct. 28th, 2014 09:47 pm
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My response to the fairly reasonable question "Quick, What’s Your NaNo Story About?"

It's going to be about 50,000 words. I hope.
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Do any of you know how to do a thing with /etc/apt/sources.list?

I know how to add a source. I think I know how to specify a repository, like "download this specific package from this repository, not the other ones in my list."

What I'm not sure how to do (or if there is an obvious way) is to specify "don't use this repository, except for this one package (and its dependencies iff the other repository doesn't have them.)"

My specific use case is: I get Firefox from Mint's repository because Debian doesn't have it, because RMS. (Yes, I know about Iceweasel. I want Firefox.) (And yeah, unfair to blame RMS for everything I find at all frustrating about FLOSS. Tough.)

I would like apt (and its various wrappers) to get everything but Firefox (and its dependencies if they would otherwise be unmet) from my nearest Debian repository.

Right now what it's apparently doing is getting updates from wherever, and it's breaking stuff.

What should I do? (Apart from "use Iceweasel" or "switch to Mint.")
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Going to bed now.

See you all tomorrow.
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I finished reading it on Tuesday, and have more thoughts that can be contained on one post, and they're all getting in each other's way so I can't decide what to write first.

In the meantime, I started assembling a reaction gif post, which has turned into an illustrated chapter by chapter recap. /o\ This is going to take forever.

a brief, only mildly spoilery example )
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vass ~$ su
vass # apt-get update
vass # apt-get upgrade --what-the-hell-is-up-with-bash
vass # apt-get upgrade -f --no-seriously-it-is-trying-to-upgrade-to-4.3-9.2
vass # apt-get check --but-the-current-stable-package-is-4.2+dfsg-0.1+deb7u3
vass # apt-get update --so-where-is-it-getting-4.3-9.2-from

vass # vim /etc/apt/sources.list

# wheezy is not trying to break your system
# please do not give wheezy a sock
deb wheezy main contrib non-free
deb-src wheezy main contrib non-free

vass # apt-get dist-upgrade --wait-is-this-the-problem
vass # cat /etc/debian_version

vass # asdfkjsad;lfjk

vass # shutdown -r now


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